My Gallery...........Creativity  in Lighting
Awards from Florida Craft Art ( St. Pete) and
Tampa Bay Lightnings Celebration of the Arts 

Ray Locke
Selected as a Finalist among 500 entries in the Tampa Bay Lightings 7th Annual Celebration of the Art       
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On Display at the Amialie Arena till Sept 2019 
Mary Ann Murphy ,Curator, presenting the People's Choice Award to Ray
Awards Created for the Tampa Bay Latin Film Festival  "El Pulpo"  Oct, 2018 
  A collaborative effort with bead weaving and crystal movie theme. Details below
:Exhibiting at
Florida Craft Art Gallery, St Petersburg, 
Gabriela Valencia Art Studio& Gallery, St Pete Beach
Venice Art Center, Venice
​Amalie Arena, Tampa Bay
2018-2019 Show Schedule
October 26  Crystal Cave, Sarasota 
November 2-3 Gem Show Kisimee,Fl
 Nov 17-18 Palm Beach Gem&Mineral Show
Nov 30-Dec 2, Sarasota Municipal Auditorium
 TBA..Venice Art Center Annual Show

We absolutely love custom designs

  1. Managing Director
    Wyland Sculpture
  2. Managing Director
    Crossed Oars w/touch controls and hidden wiring
  3. Managing Director
    Large amethyst geode and jewelry
  4. Managing Director
    Brass Ship's Propellor
  5. Managing Director
    Crystal Powers
    Step into Superman's cave, touch the crystals, and get the powers of the Universe. Or a pretty spray of crystal flowers.
  6. Managing Director
    A study in contrasting textures
  7. Managing Director
    Tennis Rackets
  8. Managing Director
    Geode in Driftwood
  9. Managing Director
    City by the Bay
  10. Managing Director
    Image Title 12
  11. Managing Director
    Image Title 13
  12. Managing Director
    Image Title 14
  13. Managing Director
    Image Title 15
  14. Managing Director
    Image Title 16
  15. Managing Director
    Image Title 17
  16. Managing Director
    Image Title 18
  17. Managing Director
    Title 19
  18. Managing Director
    Title 18
 Fishing Rod and fossilized fish 
In process: Nova Scotia Scotia eight foot oars, natural varnished
 Donated to the World's Richest Tarpon Tournament, May 2018
Gaspirilla Island
Crossed Oars
  Wyland Sculpture  
4Different LED Wheels
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New 8/17/18

Driftwood and Granite
Award Winner
Full Speed Ahead
Crystal Powers
EL Technology
Crystal and Driftwood
City by the Bay
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EL Technology
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Tennis Rackets  Wall Mount 
Selected as a finalist by the Tampa Bay Celebration of the Arts and on display at the Amalie Arena next to the Chase Club on the fifth level

Autographed by Petr Klima #85
Played for Tampa, Detroit, Pittsburgh and LA.
Comes with remoted control for ten actions, dimming and mounting brackets. Disassembles for easy shipping. $550

The Tree of Life with four glowing crystals     

Solid Glass Globe lit from underneath by glowing Alabaster. As large as a bowling ball    

Stylized Papier Mache Fish Backlit; been on for 3 years!  

Ray Locke

Creativity in Lighting Design using LED/EL technology

I use the latest elements of the new LED technology and even the newer electro-luminesence and apply it to various materials and designs to miminize electrical usage, physical size and heat which gives me the freedom to explore the full range of design ideas.
My  materials are: anodized aluminum,stainless steel, bamboo, solid hardwoods, stone, crystals, paperweights, rice paper, cork,hemp,acrylic rod, fishing rods, golf clubs, nautical hardware,marble, sandstone,granite,quartz, agate,alabaster and selenite.  These materials are combined with various forms of light emitting diodes i.e.component COBs, string emitting leds, dimmer controls,  and power supplies.  All wiring is soldered, covered with heat shrink and tested.