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         Got the Power
With the flexibility to the fingers, you can change the crystal or artifact for that special inspiration or GIFT! $200

        Carpe Diem
     My New Condo
              The Hand Series   May 2019​
This Art can help you express your business, location or aspiration.  Change the object to suit your path.
You and your guest can have fun putting valuable objects in a holding position.  $200
With a whole new series of applications and themes, I have begun to use an articulating wooden hand and leds to hold your dreams.  Why even the Lightning Bolts have something in their grasp!   Add a bracelet or a ring!

 With your imagination and my creativity, you can exhibit the power of Thor, or be the king of electricity, On this page is a series of the first three endeavors.  More to come as my followers make their wishes known. 
This can be made to hold your profession whether it be a carpenter, hockey player, ball player, dentist, writer ofrconductor.  Arrange with me to fabricate from a lighted crystal the appropriate object from crystal.

Among all my creations, this series stands out as offering the most potential for a special gift that appreciates talent or encourages aspiration.

Lightning Bolt as shown $250.  Comes with plug in cord and Pyrite Cube as touch for three levels of lighting.

     Women Power​
With a bracelet, and maybe some fingernail polish, women can hold the world in the palm of their hand.

The blue LED does a wonderful job with Amethyst, or Rose Quartz Crystals, or even a Sea Shell.
Comes with touch intensity control. 250$
     My Next Cruise
Replace any crystal with plans for your next cruise or vacation.  Palm even fits a small bottle or vase.
Crystal Lights
Crystals are remarkably peaceful. They carry a very high vibration, and instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner peace. Selenite will assist you in opening your crown chakra .
Another wonderful property of Selenite is that it has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. You will never need to cleanse or recharge your Selenite crystal, as you need to do with many metaphysical stones.
Selenite is one of the more powerful healing stones for the new age and spiritual work. It is excellent for meditation, and ensures a peaceful environment when stones are placed around the home. .
Upper Left is an example of a piece of yellow Selenite accented with a WHITE led light on a white marble base.  What a color complement to your space.  Can be but on any kind of base, including black. $120

Upper right is a clear crystal quartz that has stunning fractures and many sparkles.  Could be placed on a black base, or provided with a COLOR CHANGING LED light. Approx  $75
After..natural white
First time ever. #141 For a client, took his large ametyhst geode and added two red leds.  It is remote controlled thru all light intensity levels so that it works as a low level nightlight, and an eye-catcher during the daytime.  The art is in positioning the leds, while hiding them and the wiring.....and drilling thru 3" of solid crystal. Can be done with many different colors, but red was selected an then changed to white which accents the colors of amethyst without changing them.

A stunning black granite base with an array of clear quartz crystals.  Each of the many subsets has a different story to tell.  Comes with a remote control dimmer to reduce in a low light setting or during the day. An original piece. $135

An impressive large chunk of rose quartz. This custom made  grey streaked thick marble base makes a statement, both bold and mellow.  $60
A gently glowing amethyst crystal polished around the sides, and mounted on a wood base. How can you beat this peaceful radiant nightlight? $75
An different style of large amethyst lit from all angles  mounted on a really thick streaked marble base.  Stands 9" high and weighs in at a hefty 10 lbs.  $200

"Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate. When you meditate, it turns thoughts away from the mundane into tranquiliity and deeper understanding.  Mentally, it helps you feel less scattered, more focused and in control of your faculties.  It enhances the assimilation of new ideas and connects cause with effect"

p.54 The Crytal Bible by Judy Hall 2003
#235  Left:  Modified this Tommy Bahama piece with the addition of a golden solid crystal.  Touch control for a nightlight.  Awesome reflection on the interior walls. $175
Below #241   You can study the interior crystalline structure of this Amethyst Slice with a string of LEDs embedded inside the outside ring.  You can see the small bits  carbon of mangenese scattered throughout.  Touching the Pyrite controls the light levels for bright and eye catching during the day, and then turned down for a nighlight. Complementing this is a glowing piece of Amethyst.  $650

This large quartz Cathedral  " a cosmic computer that contains the wisdom of the ages.  It is a light library holding a record of all that has occurred on earth."  p336 Crystal Bible.
J Hall

It stands 6" high in its snug Brizillain Oak Base.  With remote light intensity control.  $150

Alabaster is the name of the game in providing subtle and even lighting to these crystal balls.
I carved out a round recess in  a large base and from the bottom inserted a set of leds.  The overall effect is to soften the harshness of the clear crystal balls. $95

Look for more use of Alabaster as the appropriate base to exhibit various kinds of crystals.  "It's all about the base"

Caliper Display

Right: This 10" adjustable caliper idsplay is perfect to highlight this Icelandic Spar Crystal.  It's a fine blend of round and angular, brass and crystal.  This was used by the old Norse explorers to fix their position from the sun through the clouds using polarized light. Or insert your own piece. Lighted from underneath.  On display at the St Pete Florida CraftArt Center  $95
: A smaller 8" caliper has been modified to shine an LED light to make this "planet" glow in space.
Endless possibilities for a suspended piece, especially at night. $95 as shown but with a rose quartz "globe".

MERKABA CRYSTALS - This is a star Tetrahedron consisting of two interpenetrating three-sided pyramids that form a three-dimentional Star Of David. Symbolically, it links the mind, heart, and body in a way that produces the MerKaBa. this term means "chariot" in Hebrew. In the eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt, it meant MER (rotating fields of light), KA (spirit), and BA (soul).
MerKaBa activates the protective love of the Universe and awakens, heals, and transforms on the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Upper: Rose Quartz Crystal on teak base unlit. 
Lower: Add a Blue LED and the crystal just GLOWS,especially at night.  Awesome!!  $150

             Wall Sconces
Left: This very large  piece of Selenite that is perfect for an accent light.  It is 18"-24" long, and can be mounted on a wall, or as a table centerpiece.  It has a brass bar as a touch control that takes it thru three levels of lighting, accenting the crystalline structure the the selenite striations inbedded with quartz.

Right:   #237 One of a pair of 20" x 6" Selenite, Mahogany and brass wall sconces.  Touch control bar at the bottom.  #237.  $350 each.  More than just a pretty light! 

Can be linked to work as a pair, or fitted to an existing wall outlets.


      Contrasting Patterns #236
 Two pieces of Selenite are magically lit with blue and white LED's artfully hidden in the brass supports.  Touching the front supports or the rear brass channel actuates the light thru three levels so it shows off during the day, but turns down low for a nightlight. 
A good study in contrasting patterns and textures. Very Organic.


      Two Crystals #239
 A large slice of Amethyst is suspended in three driftwood arms.  For balance and as a  complement is a Quartz crystal. The selection of  EL technology highlights the crystalline structure of both without the garishness LED technology. 

Again, the corona effect from the artful placing of the EL panel is unexpected.  $450 

Note: Electro Luminescense is an extremely new technology consisting of a phosphorus film excited to glow by electricity. As in LED, it consumes almost no electricty, produces no heat, is flexible, but offers a more gentle light in a broader range of colors than LEDs.  See the Green Salisbury Dragon elsewhere on these pages.


 Fortress of Solitude #243
 Enter into Superman's Cave and touch the ageless crystals to gain the Power! Three Selenite towers, a crystal ball and the magic touch rock all blend together.

These 12" high large crystals are well supported by a grey mahogany base.  It contains the LED's and electronics, including a rear switch to activate the color changing center crystal ball. 

This is a kinetic piece that needs one to touch it and feel the power.  Not just a pretty face.  $600



                            Desert Sunrise
In a shift from the nautical, I have created this simple piece taking one back to the Nevada desert where I found this sandstone slice. It is a natural  background for a rose quartz crystal lit from underneath by white leds. A remote control varies the light level from a the beginnings of a dim the sight of the full sun coming up over the horizon.
Must see as the photograph washes the color and detail of the crystal out.​  $200


                  Eucalyptus and Two Crystals

The 30" high and 2" thick slab of Eucalyptus is accented on one side by blue LEDs and on the other by warm white LEDs meant to bring out the vertical grain of the Selenite Cyrstals.  Choose either way as your mood dictates. Swivel and side outlet cord minimizes its visibility.  Two Spanish cubed of Pyrite act as switches that change light levels. There's a lot going on here. $450


                  Yew and Selenite Crystal

Found this exquisite piece of Yew wod with highlighted grain that is a beautiful backstop to the grain of the selenite crystal. Sold.

Selenite piece has quartz inclusions at the top, and is supported by an alabaster base.Overall effect is warm earthtone and interesting patterns.

Naturally, a touch of the "fool's gold" rock gives one three light levels. 22" high


                            Desert Abstract
 Nevada Sandstone is a perfect contrast to the Alabaster pyramid and Selenite ball, both lit from the interior by white leds.  The desert rock in the middle is flecked with Quartz crystals.  Light levels are selected by touching the Fools Gold piece atop the rock. Aha!
All electronics and wiring are in the hollowed out core of the sandstone which has been finished with two coats of matte sealer to highlight the grain. A perfect desk item for the seeker, or dreamer!


More Crystal Lights 
Crystals are remarkably peaceful. They carry a very high vibration, and instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner peace. Selenite will assist you in opening your crown chakra .
Another wonderful property of Selenite is that it has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. You will never need to cleanse or recharge your Selenite crystal, as you need to do with many metaphysical stones.
Selenite is one of the more powerful healing stones for the new age and spiritual work. It is excellent for meditation, and ensures a peaceful environment when stones are placed around the home. .
Upper Left is an example of a piece of yellow Selenite accented with a WHITE led light on a white marble base.  What a color complement to your space.  Can be but on any kind of base, including black. $120

Upper right is a clear crystal quartz that has stunning fractures and many sparkles.  Could be placed on a black base, or provided with a COLOR CHANGING LED light. Approx  $75

Before:  Vice Commodore of the local Sailing Squadron came to me with an ordinary Deck Prism from Mystic Seaport near his house, and wanted me to display it in better fashion.  I mounted it upside down in a piece teak, and supported it by three acrylic supports.
After: Added a ring to lights from the topside to imitate sunlight from above deck.  With a remote control, he can increase the intensity during the day, and then turn it down for the evening.
            Masonic All Seeing Eye.

Modeled after the symbol on the one dollar bill, this Large Onyx Pyramid
( 4.24" high) is a great office/desk sign for the Mason or Banker!

Left is the pyramid unlighted with the 4 crystal "eyes".  When the unit is switched on, the all-seeing eyes lights up.

Truly, one of a kind,so far.  But look for more designs in this theme.  $200.

Driftwood Art
Almost any crystal  can be mounted to your favorite piece of driftwood.  Here, is a large commisioned piece with a clear crystal ball with tiny bubbles perfectly mounted on a three point driftwood.  User wanted a BLUE LED highlight that was placed to maximize background and transmitted color. $175
These two small driftwood piece using state of the art miniature LEDs pushes the boundaries of what we think of a driftwood art.  This WHITE LED under blue  and green crystals provides an excellent nightlight that provides more light than it's size would indicate. Blue one  is 7" in length and is mounted on a sandy beach setting.  $50 each
Above is a large amythest nesting in the arms of a concave piece of driftwood.  While the soft pink and grey colors complement each other, there is also a contrast between the soft and the hard., The clarity of the quartz stands out from the grain of the driftwood.  $60

The perfect piece of driftwood is the base for this teardrop Madagascar rose quartz.  It is suspended in mid air and lit by a blue LED from underneath.  The cumulative effect at night is simply amazing.........a sort of periwinkle jewel suspended in mid air.  $ Sold, but more coming in this same effect.

Below:  A polished optical calcite glows all night with a bluish hue and is a beautiful day and nightlight.  Artfully suspended on a driftwood arm.  $50
A driftwood crotch holds a gem in its arms lit from a hidden LED.  A gift selected by my fishing buddy,Dave R.

A windswept piece of driftwood fits perfectly with this Quartz Geode.  They just go together.  Geode has two " imbedded stars " that must be seen in person. What a piece to drape some jewelry over?  $150
Found this "wolf's head" and added a glowing crystal eye.  Or maybe a dog?  What do you think?   $30

 LEFT: This driftwood elbow or knee is a perfect nesting place for this large rose quartz "point".  The Intensity Control  can provide 10 different modes and levels of lighting, brighter during the day, and a soft glow as a nightlight. The combination of rose quartz and blue LED comes out with a unique glowing one of a kind color.  $45
Right:  This branch holds a clear crystal ball with lots of imperfections that catch the blue LED coming up from underneath.  Comes with Intensity and ten level Mode Control. $40.

          Crystalline Comfort
This White Quartz Geode has a white led buried deep inside that makes this item glow.  It is perfectly held and mounted on a rosewood slab.  Naturally, light levels can be selected. sold

         Crystal and Driftwood
This slice of amythest is lit from the back by a circle of white leds, and is controlled thru three light levels by touching the "fools gold" rock embedded in the driftwood. Slice is well supported and seems to float. Battery or house power. 19" long by 10" high. 

                       Open Geode #219
A string of LEDs are carefully inserted behind the amethyst slice and its light levels are controlled by touching the pyrite "rock".  Gently held in driftwood and comes with matching earrings! Note: the crystal ring glows unlike the photo.  sold

                      Tree of Life #207
This five branched driftwood tree supports
 ( top to bottom) flourite, prehelite and opalite  crystals and is fully developed by a banded flourite point at the base.  Leds are carefully inserted to highlight each crystal.  Light levels are remotely controlled.  All wiring is hidden. On display at Rustico, St Pete

               Driftwood and Crystal #236
Two colorful Selenite crystals are lit by white and blue Leds hidden in the brass supports. The grain of the driftwood plank is duplicated in the vertical grain of the Selenite Crystal. Touch the brass on the front or rear to control light levels. sold   

                                             Mermaid Rising #250
Rising from the depths of the coral bed and sea bottom, this Mermaid fits snugly into the driftwood base. The inspiration for this work comes from 'Splash', the movie with Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah who rises from the depths to offer the gem of love to a young boy and then an older man. The key to this artwork is  an extremely long piece of Selenite that is lighted from either end with selectible blue or white leds.  Thus, it acts as a nightlight with the blue on its lowest intensity level, or as a daytime feature on the highest level of white.  Light levels are selected by caressing the back of the Mermaid.  The Mermaid, meanwhile, is cradling in her hands a  lighted treasure.  I did not glue in the gemstone but left it for you to replace with your own treasure, whatever that may be.   Rustico , St Pete  $400
#252 Eye of Sauron

From the 'Lord of the Rings', the Eye of Sauron was a symbol adopted by the Dark Lord during the Second and Third Ages.  Few could endure the Eye's terrible gaze.

In this Artistic rendering , I used a specially selected Amethyst Crystal slice and embedded a series of leds into the interior to give the eye penetrating gaze, which few can endure.  I selected an mystical stone base to cradle large crystal.  It is actuated by touching the fool's gold stone to change light levels. 
Quite large at 16x16x7 inches.   $550.
 Florida Craft Art, St Pete



Sporting Desk Lamps
Fishing Time
The natural cousin of the Z Series is the application of favorite objects as lamps.  First case is a fly rod which emphasized not only the sport but the delicacy of the equipment.  A thin bamboo base is complemented by a very narrow light arm, and small fly rod stem.  Wiring is exposed as fishing line since the bamboo rod is solid inside not allowing hidden wiring.  Touching the reel actuates the light thru three levels of intensity. From $150-depending on the fly rod....from antique to modern styles.

Putterin' Around #151
Golf clubs  are  natural candidates for a desk lamp. This vintage brass putter is a perfect gift, or to celebrate that great putt. touching the head actuates the light thru three levels. Place your favorite ball in the recess in front. $110 
NEW  2/1
Fishing Time #187
Above is an antique rod/reel.  The reels is a Oceanic 1930 and the rod is a von hoof c.1900.  It is mounted on a Rosewood base and touch control that selects the light levels.  Perfect for an office desk. Very distracting. $225
Driftwood and Granite ( above)#173
Awesome piece of driftwood with two arms and imbedded narrow strips of leds.  Wiring run inside the riser, and electronics hidden in the granite base.  Three levels of lighting are selected by touching the pyrite stone.  Sold
Driftwood and Crystal ( below)#183
Made a miniature driftwood lamp on granite. Has two small arms with accent light.  Amythest crystal stays lit all the time.. $60
Fishing Time #173
Entered into the Florida CraftArt "Lightheaded" Exhibit in St Pete, Fl.  Nice lightweight rod and working spinning reel and complemented by an authentic unused Dizzy Spoon lure.  On a Florida Monkeywood base.  Touch the reel and actuate the light.  Great distracting kinetic lamp.

Driftwood and Fossil Lamp #224
This perfectly stylized driftwood desk lamp is all woodsy.  From the Monkeywood base, Pyrite rock ( which acts as a three level light switch ) to the nightlight  which 
is a Withlachoochee River Fossil in found in West Central Florida.  It is a polished slice of agatized coral which has picked up ts brownish color from the tannin in the swamps near Polk City. $150
NEW/ 4/18

                                          Exhibited at the Nautical Sand Sculptures, Venice    

Fishing Time #4 Above #222
With a Shakespeare Rod and Penn Reel, this desk lamp will keep your mind off work.  Accents include a cork top to hang your favorite lure, and  fossilized fish in sandstone for inspiration.  With a monkeypod wood base and touch controls for three levels of lighting   $235

Donated as a prize for the World's Richest Tarpon Tournament on Gaspirilla Island.  May 2018
Baseball #135
The souvenir Louisville Slugger holds the LED desk light for the baseball fan.  Comes with a canvas base, and ball that is magnetically attached to the base.  $75

EL Fly Rod/Reel #227
First time using electro luminescent wire and a small blue pond where there are fish, or at least a fly lure. The reel is a working Meisselbach mounted precisely on a split bamboo fly rod. The pond is a blue underlit piece of alabaster that invites fishing.  This is not a desk lamp for working but a one of a kind decoration. Note: line will straighten out over time. fly is a West Cuda Killer. $250

Custom Work #228
I was asked to mount this antique Mitchel Garcia 600A reel that was made in France.  We used his on a solid fiberglass rod and mounted it on local monkeywood with his new lure carefully and safely mounted on the base. Works thru three levels of light by touching the reel. Hook is encapsulated for safety.

Rod/Reel #231
A more modern version with a black Shimano Rod and black anodized aluminum light arm on a mahogany base,  Very sleek office decor. Interesting reflections.  Reel is unknown manufacturer but you can replace it with you own favorite.  Naturally, this desk lamp has touch controls to select three light levels.  Accented with a Clupeidae Knightia alta from theGreen RiverFormation,Ecocene,Wyoming.....or a really old (bait) fish! $235

                                                    Sold 7/18  
Rod/Reel #240
Continuing the theme of inserting the tip of the rod into a piece of black anodized aluminum..because it looks so damn good! Reel is a Penn #49 or you can replace it with you own favorite. Monkye Pod wood base.  Naturally, this desk lamp has touch controls to select three light levels. You could even string it a little, and add a lure off the end!! Accented with a Clupeidae Knightia alta from theGreen RiverFormation,Ecocene,Wyoming.....or a really old (bait) fish! $225

Nautical theme is evident in this boat stantion with a solid teak base and light arm.  Decor items are a stainless steel cleat and belaying pin, as well as a ss pull ring.  Stainless steel riser is mounted to a deck fitting. Lighting levels are controlled by touching anywhere on the riser arm.

Play Pool #124
Solved the challenge of hiding the wiring inside the pool cue to achieve a clean line look. Accented with an 8 ball on a field of green.  $90.

Hockey Time #254

Finally worked out the  construction details of a hockey-themed desk lamp. Changed to a souvenir model that works great.  Accent is provided by an Alabaster puck that imitates blue ice.  It is left on all the time.

The tie tack insert is the light level control for the leds in the black anodized light arm.

Left open space on base for additional memento.

Plugs into a standard wall outlet.
Z Series Designer Lamps
Simple Z#3
The ultimate in simplicity consists of clean lines of this aluminum and natural bamboo.  This desk lamp has two levels of light arm and a plug in led power cord and
docking port.  Size is 5"x9" bamboo base, 18" high and 24" wide at the light arm.  LED string has a rice paper lens to further give it the shoji simplicity. $150

Black and White #7
The ultimate in simplicty and color is the use of a vertical light arm made of anodized aluminum and focused with a crystal acrylic lense.  The thin black arm is contrasted with a thick white marble base.  Complementing all of this is a "black dot" touch swith that controls the light thru three levels , from  bright reading down to mood lighting. Base is 10" x 14" x 1 1/2". Light arm is angled back at 8o. $175   


Black and Tan
Lamp as above but done in contrasting shades of bamboo and black aluminum.  Lamp also has touch controls that provide great light for the computer keyboard ( which is black), or goes to full brightness when its time to read bills or papers.  Touch control is actuated by touching anywhere on the riser arm.
As shown with touch controls $125.
Aluminum and Glass#4
Z Series continues with a variation on the base.  Here is shows as a piece of glass/concrete countertop material.  Bits of blue glass have been enbedded in concrete and sanded smooth.  As always the clean lines have been maintained thru attention to detail where the wiring is completely hidden...and the aluminum riser is perfectly fitted to the base.  As shown $100.

 Nautical Theme
A rare find.  Came across two of these clear Selenite crystal slabs.  They are full of natural cfracks and crazes.  Not sure whether to call this an "Iceberg" or ""Ship under Full Sail".  Powered by a very thin strip of white leds, and remotely controlled thru different intensities. Perfectly  balanced and inserted in a strip of driftwood.  $75

Thinking about using this as part of a Hockey Creations???
​Looks like Ice.
A Selenite mainsail over a blue Alabaster Sea.  Highllighted by a rocky shore.  Good contrast in textures.  Comes with a remote control for night sailing!  Also comes in white. $150
Deck Prisms were set into the weather decks of sailing ships in the manner as shown.  The six sided prism was fashioned to spread light below decks. Shown are natural and lighted Prism set into clear acrylic supports unto a block of teak. Comes with remote control for infinite lighting levels from full sun to a moonlit night. Uses a Mystic Seaport authentic prism. $175.
Brass Sailboat Propellor. 11" #161 diameter with white leds behind each blade.  One of a kind.  Has an interesting "Swirl"  pattern on the wall.  Comes with a remote controller that adjusts the light level, and selects ten types of activity.  $ 550


Brass Sails on a Blue Alabaster Sea. This piece set on an oiled piece of Brazilian Oak is impressive.  This  Sloop is sailing on a 1" Alabaster sea with the sea bottom just below and surrounded by the rocky shore.  It features a touch control for different light levels, AND the ability to use shore  or battery power. Thus, it can go on a shelf OR as a table centerpiece. $400

Above:Larger version of a Sailing Award Measures 24" tall and features shore and 110v power.  Touch control .  Made to order.

Caliper Display

Left This 10" adjustable caliper idsplay is perfect to highlight this Icelandic Spar Crystal.  It's a fine blend of round and angular, brass and crystal.  This was used by the old Norse explorers to fix their position from the sun through the clouds using polarized light. Or insert your own piece.  On display at the Florida CraftArt Gallery $395

Left: A smaller 8" caliper has been modified to shine an LED light to make this "planet" glow in space.
Endless possibilities for a suspended piece, especially at night. $100 as shown.

Leaping Dolphins

Recently purchased some blue alabaster from Volterra, Italy  with a brass dolphin leaping out of the sea.   Lit from above.  Must see in person as the photo bleeds out.  True color is more evenly distributed.  Comes with intensity control. $200.

Crossed Oars #189
A client had a pair of oars that came from their grandfather's boat building company, and they wanted them showcased.  I selected suitable leds and controlled light levels by touching the metal oarlocks.The clean installation was achieved by installing an outlet and wiring chase behind the large part of the oar to a lower wall electrical outlet. Because no one offered suitable angled mounting brackets I had to fabricate very small rustic mounts to achieve the clean look.  I was fortunate to find wall studs for a secure installation. She is delighted.  


Crossed Oars #229
Found a pair of 7'6" oars from  Blockhouse, Nova Scotia and they are beautiful with a worn varnish finish. Joined them together so that they are the same distance from the wall for even lighting. Added a  remote control for action and lighting levels.   Disassembles for easy delivery.  Made so that they can be oriented horizontally (72" wide by 56" high ) or vertically (56" wide by 72" high). Center 3/4" screw can be covered with a supplied ferrule or used to attach you own decor.  Comes with four low profile mounting brackets. Perfect decor for your yacht club!  $500


Small Oars#230

This 5' canoe paddle is ready to accent your space.  Can be mounted any way,vertical or horizontal.  Comes with in-line control for light and action levels.  Photo "bleeds" the blue wavelength light; must see in person.$95

City by the Bay #213
A variety of Crystal Points are near the shore of the Bay. Five quality crystals are placed on the alabaster and Manogany base.  Can you identify the purple building?   Comes with a remote control to adjust lighting levels. I have large thin pieces of Alabaster that I brought back from Volterra, Italy and am ready for a major project.
$300     Ready to design YOUR city by the Bay. Charlotte Harbor, Tampa Bay, Venice Inlet??

Paperweights, etc
There is almost no limit to the types of items that can benefit from led lighting to bring out the designs inherent in paperweights, glass marbles, or whimsical items.  Below is an assortment of quality paperweights ( many from Scotland) .  Ray selects the LED most complementary to the piece.  Generally, these are put on granite, onyx, or marble bases to provide stability and decorator base. Priced from $55-$150 depending on the crystal.
Upper left item was an ordinary beveled glass box filled with colored beads.  I was requested to take it to the next level by lighting up the inside.  This was accomplished by selecting a small string of BRIGHT WHITE LEDS while finding a small hole for very fine electrical wire.

Upper right is a paper-mache whimsical fish with a string of WHITE LEDS in the rear that when put next to a wall, gives a nightlight.  Glows from the rear.  $90.
Vase to Base

We can provide just a marble lighted base which here is used under a flower vase, thus providing an totally novel accent piece.
What a piece at night.
Japanese Pagoda by Hoya

A most stunning piece for the Shoji/Japanese theme or an architect's office is this 14" tall crystal that is cut from the back to give the pagoda design. Piece is secured to a thick white marble base for stability and is lit with a color chainging LED. $150

Came across a series of four etched crystal paperweights for Christmas.  This is the first of the series. More to come. $55
We came across this large yellow jellyfish that is perfectly accented by a translucent white marble base. The most favorable light is a WHITE LED mounted under the base that provides the even glow. $75
Blue Mood

Clownin' Around

This happy guy must be so because he is sitting on a column of bubbles. Great for a child's room.

Sold to a Elementary School Administrator as by his mom as a prize for being Admin of the Year.  A perfect fit as he needs to laugh more!

This is actually a Kerry Glass green piece that is best accentuated by a BLUE led imbedded in a piece of natural marble. $55

Tabula Rasa, i.e. Blank Slate

We have marble bases imbedded with many colors of  led lights.  They are perfect for changing your paperweights or vases as you change your decor or mood. The advantage here is that the light is diffused and is better able to handle certain kinds of crystals  $35.

Here Kitty!
Evenly lit by a glowing marble base selected for it's translucency. Watching out the front window all night.  For your protection and comfort. German Crystal.  

Leaping Dolphin
In the same fashion as the  Snail, this beautiful German Lennox piece glows with a circle of ledsl in the marble base.  Awesome !  $170

For the Sailor

This Ships's Deck Prism was originally used with the flat side mounted flush to the weather deck so that it shone daylight below decks for the crew.  This 5" high piece is very cool for the nautical theme. Lit with a circle of LEDs imbedded in the marble gase for a gentle glow. $145
Acrylic Lights
The use of clear Acrylic rods provides a modern look to light transmission thru it's extreme clarity.  Light is only picked up by the edges or texture.  Thus, the main shaft of the "candle" shows no light, just image reflections. This optical quality can be used for modern designs.
Above left is a triage of acrylic Candles powered by one COLOR-CHANGING LED that continually cycles thru the spectrum.  Base is solid walnut. As shown $45.

Above right is a single sword in the stone ( or coral ) COLOR-CHANGING LED that continually cycles thru the spectrum.  Base is solid walnut. As shown $35.
Candleabra above is a table piece done in THREE WHITE LEDs
beneath each "candle"  Base is made from solid cherry, although other woods are availble.   Craftsmanship in woodworking is fine with contrasting woods underneath. Made as a centerpiece to work without wires
Price as shown $55.
We took this ordinary wall decoration, framed it in bamboo and provided miniature LED backlights to the wings.  Took this piece to the next level. $125
Left: We crafted several of these "bonefish" accent pieces to decorate a Florida veranda room or beach house.  It's fun to see these bony

Center: The fish theme continues with the historical Greek fish symbol but upgraded with walking feet and a blue jewel eyes.

The Florida theme continues with a special order mermaid to fit a carport space.  Note the jeweled accent.
Local neighbor, who lives at 712, had me design this seahorse for their front door.  Three dimensional layering and colors really make this stand out.  One of a kind.

Hockey Cave Decor

Autographed by #85 Petr Klima and complemented by a LH stick, is this unique wall decor.  It is suspended by four specially concealed brackets and spaced from the wall just the right distance to reflect the LED lighting. It is complemented by an authentic Lighting Puck ( which can be changed to your favorite team).  Comes with a remote  to control light and action levels.  56" wide and 48" tall. Disassembed for easy shipping/delivery. 
On display at the Amalie Arena by the Chase Club on the fifth level.  $550
Finally worked out the mechanics of installing LEDs inside the rim of these tennis rackets. Comes with action and dimming in-lines witch.
Photograph distorts true blue background colors.
Can be made to order with selected rackets and colors.  $125
Merry Christmas #249
Used two complimentary blue lights to accent the sea glass wreath.  Remote controlled for varying light/action levels. Beautiful on the wall. $200 
Bamboo Lights
To replace the ordinary kitchen bar lights, Ray designed and built this 48" long shoji style lamp.  The rice paper is  heavy duty with a bamboo motif pattern.  Lighting is provided by a string of super bright WHITE LEDS.  It is installed to match the existing ceiling mounts. Approx $500 installed
Upper left is an original bamboo light made to hang over a bar.   All electronics and a WHITE LED string is hidden inside this large diameter stalk. Lighting is remotely controlled. Lens is a complementary rice paper, and hanging rope is hemp with wiring hidden inside.  Lengths from 24-48". Priced from $65

Upper right is a variation by turning the bamboo vertical for an original light.  An high intensity  LED lamp is put inside to make this a reading light, rather than an accent piece.  The advantage is that there is almost no heat, making it bearable on those hot Florida evenings. These can also be arranged in a series over a bathroom sink, or as a triad hooked up to a wall dimmer.  From $55. 
Babmoo Lights, more
Variation on the hanging bamboo light with a different arrangement of lenses cut out to accent the natural nodules in the bamboo. $75

Left:Ray has constructed a series of accent lights in the Shoji style as bedside or family room lights.   They are styled with bamboo and made with Japanese woodworking techniques, i.e. no fasteners, just good wood joinery.  Tapered legs and a solid bamboo base combine solidity with design.  Lighting is NOT LED because it would not apply to this design.  $300 each​​
Battery Operated Lights
Client designed this reading lamp for a table in the center of the room that is her favorite place to read.  She selected the driftwood style with a arm containing very bright leds for reading.  A small li-ion rechargeable battery pack will give three evenings of reading on a charge.  I added Opalite crystals that are the color of the room
Client wanted this Wyland Acrylic Sculpture to be displayed on their coffee table.  Selected the driftwood base to be 1.25 " thick to accomodate the 1" thick rechargeable battery.  Good for about a hundred hours.  The challenge is to select leds with minimal power to make the battery last long while providing good light for the object.
Made this generic black base that can be used with any of your favorite glass items.  Nothing is glued on so you can change it for the season, party or the mood.  Buried inside is a 4500 maH battery that will last many hours depending on the light level you choose by touching the Starfish "switch".

Thus, this can be a dining table centerpiece with a vase of flowers.

Or you can put this on a shelf and plug it into the wall with a standard wall 12v converter. $200
Bicycle Wheel Lights
Here are ordinary bicycle rims transfomed into pieces of wall art.  The outer rim hides a thin strip of WHITE LEDS while an extra gear is added to the lit inner core for a more interesting radial pattern.  Wiring to the inner core is not visible. Wheel is designed to be flat to the wall to equalize the pattern.  $75-$100.
Upper left are WHITE LEDs applied to a BMX wheel.  Perfect for a youngster's room.  Pattern is mesmerizing. Can be wired to a dimmer switch.  $60 

Upper right is the mounting on an extra gear to accent the inner spoke patters.  This wheel also features a remote control that actuates a FOUR COLOR LED series as well as several action lightings.  Light can be then set for any party mood.   $100
Collaborative Story #1
After seeing the range of my creativity at the Lightheaded Exhibit in St Pete, I was asked to come up with a design for this Film Festival, incorporating "El Pulpo," i.e octopus. On the right is my first cut at a design.  This lays out the elements that must be present.  Below is the artwork that was given to me a further development of the Award. Finally, we have the finished Award.  We found the perfectly size and color reel (and the case) for the movie theme.  Also, the quartz crystal to lit from the rear by a circle of LEDS.
We met the challenge of lighting the originally conceived black el pulpo arms by changing the media to bead embroidery.  This allows light to pass thru and gives true color to the arms.  Thanks to Fran Locke for her talents in color highlights and creativity.
This piece above was done as a bathroom night light with a white LED over a chunk of rose quartz.
Remote controls allow the viewer to control various light levels and action levels to mimic the flashing lights of Broadway!
Asked to create El Pulpo II. Same overall theme ( film reel, crystal ) but a new variation using EL wiring instead of LEDs. Thanks to Fran's ( my wife) skill in beadweaving.  
Rear:Film canister contains the circle of LEDs.
Collaborative Story #2
            Wyland Sculpture.... After
      Wyland Sculpture.... Before
      Worked with the owners of this Wyland Acrylic Sculpture "The Mermaid and the Turtle" to make it even more the evening.  The client wanted an organic hardwood base, battery powered so it could sit in the middle of the coffee table and intensity controlled.  Together, we selected the perfect hardwood with heart grain, added a 1942 3P English Coin from their collection as a touch intensity control, and fit a rechargeable battery into the base.  Runs for hundreds of hours on low intensity ,and 40 hours on high. 
Collaborative Story #3
      Client wanted to donate a unique item for a fund raising auction at this exclusive school in Maryland, and so we worked on a design for this school's logo.  I tried to use the standard model of leds and crystals but was not able to achieve an even light.  After many tries and failures, I settled on using EL ( electro luminescense) technology.  Newer than LED, this uses a thin sheet of phosphorus paper that is electrically excited to glow. I used a thin sheet of acrylic to hold the piece and provide insulation.  The base contains the electronics and the support arm mimics the angle of the logo.  Client was well pleased.
Miniatures:  Created a series  of miniature lights and crystals.  They are on  marble bases (2x3 and 2x4) and feature a variety of small sized crystals, crystal balls, and paperweight lights.  They come in all colors. $30-35. ea
Can fit in the smallest of spaces for your meditation or nightlight.  Will adapt to fit your car, and provide you with an alternative to the St. Christopher medal !
1. A rough blue quartz.
2. The world in a blue agate. This is the very dimmest of lights at night.
3. A 3" rose quartz generator that changes colors gently.
4. A 2" Selenite Crystal that glows softly
5. Small piece of Flourite with a beautiful green peaceful glow. Must see in person.
Any of these can come with a car lighter plug-in adapter.
Your guardian angel is nestled in a seashell and resting on a thick black marble base.  What a light to keep you safe at night!  Made from a 3" high rose quartz sculpture.  $50

Or you can go to bed and awaken and be superman touching your crystals go give you the power to deal with the coming day. 50
9/11 Memorial

           Glass Bowls

           It's a Laugh
Had a friend come to me wanting a special way to light up her sea glass.  After testing several different designs and styles of led lights, we settled on this fish bowl and a ring of battery operated leds.  Ended up with a laughing gnome on a sea of blue.  Battery good for about 40 hours.
... in A Sea of Glass​​
So  I decided to add wiring and make this a plug-in model so it can be left on all the time and doesn't need a battery change.  Here, we have a turtle carrying the lighted bowl on his back.  Possibly ready for an accent piece.  Item is placed on a black reflective surface. Can be made in an empty bowl and you can fill it with your own collection of sea glass.  $60-$90